Realtor Touring A Home Checks The Backyard And Spots 2 Terrifying Faces

They blended in with the pond 😱

As an experienced realtor in Charleston, South Carolina, Sarah Newman is always prepared for whatever quirks a home might present.

But recently, as she toured a new property, she encountered two surprise visitors, the likes of which she’d never seen before.

Barely visible among the green algae coating a nearby pond were two huge alligators staring straight at her.

“This was a first!” Newman told The Dodo.

alligators in pond

Newman was concerned that the animals were so close to the property, but she remained calm. She’s familiar with South Carolina wildlife and knew that these two, while a little intimidating, likely wouldn’t hurt her.

“I’m used to seeing alligators in the Carolinas, so it honestly wasn’t a big deal,” Newman said. “They usually leave humans alone unless provoked or if it’s a surprise encounter.”

Newman posted a video of the alligators on her Instagram here:

According to South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources, alligators in the Carolinas can grow to over 13 feet long. These gators, who used to be a federally endangered species, have been thriving in recent years and are now off the endangered list.

alligator new water
Getty Images

Though they may have accidentally derailed Newman’s plans to sell this home, these two peaceful, scaly neighbors surely made an impression she’ll remember for years to come.