Dog Storms Catwalk And Steals The Show During Beauty Pageant

“I loved how everyone reacted to him” 🤩

Last month, during a local beauty pageant in Brazil, the regular contestants suddenly and quite unexpectedly found themselves being upstaged by a different kind of competitor.

And, well, they hardly stood a chance after that.

Danieli Link Weber

Danieli Link Weber was among the spectators on hand at the recent Miss São Mateus do Sul competition, there to watch a dozen or so locals vie for that coveted title. However, during a brief break in the action, a new challenger emerged.

It was a random dog. He stormed the catwalk and stole the show — basking in the adoration of the crowd. And there was adoration aplenty.

“I laughed and clapped,” Weber told The Dodo. “I thought it was great. He was cheered. There was a lot of laughter and applause from the audience.”

Here’s video of the pup’s moment in the spotlight:

The dog’s time on stage was brief, ending with him disappearing into the crowd — but that only served to make his appearance all the more alluring.

“He put on a show,” Weber said.

Even Jennifer Jaworski, who would later go on to be named Miss São Mateus do Sul 2022, couldn’t help but stand in awe of that random canine competitor.

After all, he kinda won the title, in his own way.

“I loved how everyone reacted to him,” Jaworski told The Dodo. “I definitely applauded even more. I love animals.”