Random Dog Enters Racing Tournament — And Goes On To Win First Place

“I for sure wasn’t ready for a dog to come through with a challenge!”

The other day, as runner Gracie Laney rounded the final corner of a relay event at a track meet in Utah, she felt confident.

Laney had a solid lead — but not for long.

Little did she know that a speedy new competitor had decided to join the race.


Laney, a senior from Logan High School, had her eyes on the finish line when, emerging from the sidelines, a fluffy little dog rushed onto the track. 

Within a few short seconds, the pup was hot on Laney’s heels — closing the distance between them in an incredible show of athleticism.

“I thought it was a runner at first, but then I realized that it was a dog!” Laney told The Dodo. “I for sure wasn’t ready for a dog to come through with a challenge!”

And, sure enough, the dog came in first. The crowd went wild:

It was an upset win. But Laney was hardly upset to have come in second.

“He had to win for all that effort!” she said.

The dog didn't stick around long enough for Laney to congratulate him on the victory. He was escorted off the track, back to the sidelines, to watch the remaining events like the other spectators — sparing those upcoming runners from having to taste his dust, too.

"I do wish I would have maybe petted him or gotten a selfie," Laney said. "I do also love dogs, so I’m slightly sad I didn’t."