Random ‘Cheeto’ On Man’s Porch Turns Out To Be Something Else Entirely

“I'd never seen anything like that ...”

Adam Zurn kept a pair of grey Crocs on his back porch, which he slipped on whenever he went out into his backyard. But one day, just as he was about to step into his shoes, he noticed something small and orange. It looked like a Cheetos puff.

“I thought my son had dropped a Cheeto, or was being funny and stuck the Cheeto on my shoe,” Zurn told The Dodo.

He went to flick it off, then stopped.

Orange caterpillar on a pair of Crocs
Facebook/Uncharted Lancaster

It wasn’t a cheese puff, he realized, but something very much alive. Someone.

“I was like, ‘Oh, it's this super orange looking caterpillar guy,’” Zurn said.

Facebook/Uncharted Lancaster

Unsure what kind of caterpillar he was, Zurn took some photos and posted them on social media.

“The pattern makes him look like a cartoon character with huge Disney princess eyes,” Zurn wrote in a Facebook post. “What kind is it?”

He eventually got an answer: It was a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar.

Caterpillar looks like a Cheeto
Facebook/Uncharted Lancaster

These animals go through three larval stages, defined by three different colors. First they’re brown or white. Then they turn green. And then, they become bright orange — like the one Zurn found on his Croc.

At the end of their caterpillar phase, they go into cocoons and emerge as beautiful black and white-dotted butterflies.

Zurn gently placed the caterpillar on the grass and left him alone. He never saw him again. But now, he keeps his eyes peeled for others like him.

“I'd never seen anything like that,” Zurn said. “But who knows? Maybe I’ll see another one next summer.”