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Monk Tries So Hard Not To Laugh After Cat Interrupts Prayer Service

She was too cute to ignore 💛

This cuddly cat simply won't take "sorry, I can't pet you right now" as an answer.

And that's what makes this moment so adorable.

Earlier this week, a group of Buddhist monks in Thailand were holding a religious service to mark the year's end when the random kitty decided their focus would be better aimed at her.

So, after taking the stage, the cat then zeroed in on one of the seated monks, who was at that moment rapt in prayer — pulling out all the stops in a charming bid to steal away his attention.

Here's that moment on video:

To the monk's credit, he managed to mostly maintain his focus, despite the cat's best efforts to distract him with loving nudges. In the end, though, even he couldn't help but chuckle.

And while the cat may not have been an official guest of the prayer service that day, those involved no doubt felt even more blessed that she decided to take part.

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