Raccoon Accidentally Stops To Scratch His Butt Right In Front Of Family’s Camera

Oops 😂😂😂

Brian Lee’s yard has always attracted a lot of animal traffic. He and his wife work with the Ohlone Humane Society to help trap feral cats in the area and get them spayed and neutered, so there’s often a rotating cast of cat characters passing through. They set up a camera to keep an eye on all the feline visitors, and have ended up catching glimpses of other animals, too. 

“We have avocado trees in the yard; they were getting ripe around this time, which always attracts raccoons,” Lee told The Dodo. 

cat outside
Brian Lee

The raccoons quickly caught on to the fact that Lee and his wife feed the feral cats, and even though they never leave the food out overnight, the raccoons still love to stop by to check, just in case. 

One night, a raccoon was checking for food and decided to stop for a moment in front of the camera — and ended up getting caught in quite the embarrassing position. 

“He didn't stay long since there was no food, but I guess just happened to have an itch when he was in front of the camera,” Lee said.

raccoon butt
Brian Lee

When Lee checked the camera the next morning, he couldn’t help but laugh at the poor, unsuspecting raccoon who’d accidentally gotten caught scratching his butt on camera.

“When I saw it in the previous night’s motion alerts … I didn’t know what to think,” Lee said.

Lee shared the photo with his wife and some friends, and they all had a good laugh. The camera is out there to keep an eye on the cats, and, apparently, the raccoons felt a little left out and decided to start putting on a show.