Quick-Thinking Kid Leaps Into Pool To Save His Dog From Drowning

“He is a good friend to me."

The other night, 11-year-old Matheus Felipe was at home in Brazil with his dog, Nitro, when tragedy nearly struck.

While exploring the yard by himself, the friendly rottweiler slipped and fell into the family’s swimming pool. Seemingly unable to escape the water on his own, Nitro was at serious risk of drowning.

What happened next has earned Felipe recognition as a hero.

Thankfully, despite being inside the house, Felipe was able to hear Nitro’s desperate slashing — and the quick-thinking kid knew exactly what had to be done.

Without hesitation, Felipe ran to the pool and hopped in to save his dog.

Here’s footage of the dramatic rescue:

“I jumped in socks, shorts and a shirt,” Felipe told news outlet A Gazeta. “[Nitro] is a good friend to me."

Felipe had saved the day. Nitro was safe and sound after the scary mishap — and he repaid his hero with the sweetest reward.

"When he came out of the water, he started licking me, saying ‘thank you,'" Felipe said.