Quick-Thinking Dad Rushes To Save Dog Who Fell Into Frozen Pool

"Warning, if you have pets be careful ..."

As frigid weather continues to sweep across much of the United States, people and pets alike are experiencing something they may haven’t encountered before — their swimming pools freezing over.

But as Dan Holmes and his dog Christi recently discovered, that can come with new dangers.

Dan Holmes

The other day, Holmes was outside his home in Texas with his dogs, surveying the snowy scene, when Christi decided to venture out onto the icy surface of their pool. What she didn’t realize, of course, was that the ice might be too thin to support her weight.

And, sure enough, it gave out beneath her paws.

Luckily for Christi, her dad was there to see it — and he came rushing to save her.

Here's that moment on video:

Thankfully, Holmes managed to pull Christi from the water in time, even if he had to enter the pool himself to do it.

"Everyone is fine," Holmes wrote, adding: "We are all OK, but that was super cold."

Holmes nor his dog had imagined that such a life-threatening incident could ever occur — and he hopes sharing his video will help warn other families of the danger::

"Warning, if you have pets be careful," he wrote. "Thank goodness I was out near the pool."