Puppy With A Red Balloon Puts On Adorable Show For People In A Waiting Room

"Everyone was captivated" ❤️

Boredom is just a state of mind — but when it comes to sitting in waiting rooms, where time seems to slow to a crawl, it’s a feeling that’s hard to shake.

However, as you’ll see, that’s not true for everyone.


One day, Melanie Seymore was facing an inevitably dull wait at a car dealership with her in-laws. Little did she know, that dreaded period of inactivity would end up being the highlight of her day.

While several other sorry souls sat languishing inside the dealership's waiting area, a puppy belonging to one of the customers decided to liven things up. She'd found a bright red balloon, and proceeded to cheerfully bounce it around the room.

The otherwise soul-sucking situation was transformed into one of pure delight.

"Everyone was captivated," Seymore told The Dodo. "I had to video it."

This went on for a while.

A puppy's zest for life had changed everything for the better, as it so often does.

"It made the wait enjoyable," Seymore said. "Definitely made my day."