Puppy Tied Up Outside Apartment Building Makes A Stunning Transformation

“She’s a totally different dog now” ❤️️

In October, Courtney Bowles’ dad called her with an unusual request. He'd found a puppy tied up outside the apartment building next door and needed her help. 
Bowles, who has experience rescuing dogs, rushed over to check on the abandoned pup and was shocked by what she found.

Dog tied up outside apartment building
Courtney Bowles

“When I got there, I couldn’t believe it,” Bowles told The Dodo. “She was severely underweight and covered in her own excrement and garbage. She had gone through a trash bag she could reach because she was so hungry.”

The dog had clearly been neglected by her former owners, who’d moved out of the building after falling behind on their rent. They’d left the puppy tied to a post — a cat collar around her neck, with no food or water.

Puppy abandoned outside building
Courtney Bowles

Bowles wasn’t sure how the scared puppy would react to human contact, but once Bowles showed her a little kindness, she became a different dog.

“She cowered at first because she was so scared of people, but once I started petting her and gave her a treat she became the sweetest dog,” Bowles said. “It’s like she knew I was there to make things better. I unhooked her from the leash and as soon as I sat her in the car she started wagging her tail.”

Puppy left tied to post
Courtney Bowles

Bowles brought the pup home and immediately put her in the bath. As she rinsed the puppy, the water turned brown, which the thirsty dog tried to lap up. “She had probably never experienced that much water in her entire life,” Bowles said. “Ever since then, whenever she’s scared, mostly during storms or when she hears loud noises, she will run and hop in the bathtub.”

“I think that was the first place she felt safe and rescued,” she added.

Rescue puppy gets a bath for the first time
Courtney Bowles

After a few weeks of a new routine, the puppy, whom Bowles named Bonnie Blue, became more confident. And Bonnie quickly warmed up to Bowles’ other dog, Millie.

“Bonnie was so weak when we first got her that she couldn’t run or jump up on the furniture. So our beagle, Millie, would slow down a bit so Bonnie could catch up or she’d knock toys off the couch so Bonnie could reach them,” Bowles said. “It was so sweet watching them bond.”

Courtney Bowles

Now the two pups act like they’ve known each other their whole lives, and love to play and sleep together. Millie has also taught her new sister how to be more confident, helping her enjoy her puppyhood.

“She’s a totally different dog now,” Bowles said. “She’s extremely energetic and loves to run and play. She’s a total snuggle bug too, though. She loves to be with people and to chew on anything she can find.” 

Courtney Bowles

Months later, Bonnie is firmly part of Bowles’ family and gets all the care and love that she went so long without.

The resilient pup now makes sure to show her mom how grateful she is every day, proving to her that it's never too late for a second chance at a good life.

Rescue puppy completely transforms
Courtney Bowles

“She has brought so much joy into our lives,” Bowles said. “It’s hard to believe such a loving dog came from such bad beginnings. She has truly taught me what it means to forgive and grow.”