Puppy Left On A Bench With A Note Learns To Trust Again

"If you’re reading this and your heart wavers, please adopt him and take good care of him."

Chained to a bench, unable to move, a little puppy wondered when his family was coming back. But as the dog looked warily at the crowd of strangers gathering around him, he sensed something wasn’t right.

Marcela Goldberg received a message about the puppy left on a street median and rushed over with fellow rescuer Azul Galindo. She wasn’t surprised — there had been so many more dogs abandoned in her town since the start of the pandemic.

Dog left on a bench with a note
Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacán

“There were already several neighbors gathered who had brought him water and food because they left him tied to the bench with nothing,” Goldberg told The Dodo. “But they could not get close because the puppy was terrified, growling and snipping.”

Next to the golden retriever mix was a note, weighed down by a rock. The note read:

“Hi, please adopt me: Max. Please, I ask that you adopt this cute dog and you take good care of him. It hurts a lot to leave my dog here but I made the decision of leaving him because my family used to mistreat him and it would always hurt me to see him in that condition. If you’re reading this and your heart wavers, please adopt him and take good care of him. If not, please leave this note in its place. That way others can read it and adopt him. Thank you.”

Letter left with abandoned dog in Mexico
Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacán

The dog shook as Goldberg approached him, and even the smell of food didn’t relax or distract him. “I wore protective gloves to be able to approach with more confidence, but it was still difficult,” Goldberg said. “We contacted a trainer with experience in aggressive dogs who watched the situation by video call and gave me instructions until we managed to pass the loop [over his head] and cut the other chain.”

Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacán

As soon as the chain was cut, the dog’s attitude changed. He was still frightened, but no longer growled at his rescuers. Goldberg slowly began to pet him in the car, and by the time they arrived at the shelter, the puppy had calmed down.

The 7-month-old dog, who has been renamed Boston, is slowly learning to trust people and let his playful personality shine through.

Puppy learns to trust
Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacán

“He is sweet, very affectionate, he loves to give kisses and play with the ball that the vet gave him,” Goldberg said.

Facebook/Mascotas Coyoacán

Just days after his rescue, Boston has transformed into a totally different dog. Now, his rescuers are reviewing adoption applications to make sure he goes to the very best home — one where he will never have to worry ever again.

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