Puppy Is Born With The Cutest Permanent Cowlick

"We were worried it would go away ... but he’s grown now and it’s still there."

Ever since Alfalfa was a puppy, he’s rocked a hairstyle all his own. A little cowlick stands up from the back of the golden retriever’s head, giving him a punk rock look.

Some might think Alfie’s just having a bad hair day — but the happy dog loves that the stubborn tuft of fur makes him even more unique.

Puppy with cute cowlick
Kate Merrick

“Alfalfa has always had a cowlick,” Kate Merrick, Alfie’s mom, told The Dodo. “It’s visible in his tiny newborn picture and very prominent in his 6-week pictures. We were worried it would go away as he grew ... but he’s grown now and it’s still there."

Now, the 3-year-old dog turns heads whenever he's out on walks or at the dog park. “He’s always getting comments about his hair,” Merrick said. “He gets questions about his hair on his social media nearly every post.”

If there’s one other thing that sets Alfie apart from the pack, it’s his undying love of tennis balls. “Alfie is an absolute ball fanatic,” Merrick said. “When he’s tired, he takes the balls and runs so no one can throw them again.”

Dog with little mohawk
Kate Merrick

Alfie is friends with all the kids in the neighborhood, and loves to play with them any chance he gets.

“He has a 12-year-old boy who he jumps on the trampoline with and neighbor friends who will throw the ball over the fence for him,” Merrick said. “We had to cut a few holes in the fence so he could bring the balls back.”

Alfie is such a wonderful dog that his parents recently decided to add another puppy to the pack. Now, the two are inseparable — as long as the little dog doesn’t come between Alfie and his tennis balls.

“Alfalfa is a wonderful family dog that brings us so much extra love,” Merrick said. “He keeps us laughing and entertained.”

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