People Can't Stop Talking About This Puppy's Adorable Little "Butt"

“I initially didn’t even notice" 😂

World, meet Porter — an adorable pup with the sweetest, most squeezable face.

Porter’s claim to fame, however, is on his other end.

Alyssa Isabel

Porter's owner, Alyssa Isabel, has been documenting his growth by taking selfies together from time to time. Of course, the pics are always cute as a could be — but one recent snap captured something a little different.

Reviewing the photo later on, Isabel spotted a feature on Porter she’d never seen before.

It appeared that Porter had a little buttocks, complete with proper pair of cheeks.

Alyssa Isabel

“I initially didn’t even notice his ‘butt cheeks’ in the picture,” Isabel told The Dodo. “A few hours later I got back onto my phone to look at the pictures and I noticed the hilarious image. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is too funny.”

Alyssa Isabel

Naturally, Isabel decided to share Porter’s booty pic with her follows on Twitter.

And, well, people simply couldn’t get enough. The pup’s rump went viral.

Thousands of internet users have weighed in so far, leading to some rather amusing takes.

Not unlike a shooting star, gracing the world with its brilliance for but an instant, Porter’s perfectly round rump was also fleeting.

“It was just extra skin that bunched up because of the way I was carrying him,” Isabel said. “His butt has unfortunately not made an appearance since.”

Thankfully, Porter’s got plenty of adorable assets — both inside and out.

Alyssa Isabel

“He loves socializing with other people and dogs and he acts very well behaved for his age,” Isabel said. “He’s the cheekiest puppy!”