Puppy Accidentally Orders The Weirdest Thing On eBay

He knew just what he wanted 😂👏

Meet Max — a cockapoo puppy with historical taste.

Max has always had a mind of his own and tends to get into trouble when he thinks nobody is looking. “Max is a very curious boy and can be quite giddy,” Faye Chandler, Max’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s the funniest, craziest, kindest boy.”

Faye Chandler

But as it turns out, Max is also quite a history buff. 

Recently, Chandler had just finished ordering an art print on eBay when she had to go into the other room. She placed her phone down on the couch but didn’t lock the screen. When Max saw that the couch was unoccupied, he got excited.

“Max came bounding over and jumped on the sofa where my phone was,” Chandler said. “He was messing about, shuffling his bum around to get comfy and then settled.”

Dog accidentally buys print on eBay
Faye Chandler

When Chandler returned, she checked her phone and saw that she’d received a message, saying: “Your item has been shipped.”

It seemed she had unknowingly purchased a print of a 1745 letter from Charles Edward Stuart, otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. Written at the start of the Jacobite Rebellion, the letter requested aid for Charles’ campaign to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of England.

Dog buys print of historic letter with his butt
Faye Chandler

Chandler had no idea what had happened, as her art print had nothing to do with Bonnie Prince Charlie. But when Max looked up at her with his big brown eyes, she realized that her dog had made the purchase with his butt.

“I contacted the seller to say the order was incorrect and they replied saying it was correct to the order,” Chandler said. “I replied saying, ‘My dog ordered this,’ [but] I didn’t challenge the sale further. I thought, if Max is interested in the Jacobite Rebellion then why not?”

Dog accidentally buys historic print on eBay
Faye Chandler

Chandler doesn't judge Max for his online shopping mistake and the print is now on display where the puppy can look at it whenever he pleases.

“The print is now proudly hung up, adding a homely feel to his crate,” Chandler said. “I might introduce him to ‘Outlander’ next, as I feel it would be right up his street.”