Puppies Abandoned On Dirt Road Emerge From Hiding To Ask Stranger For Help

They never left each other's side ❤️

Last year, animal rescuer Josiane Lúcia De Almeida da Silva was alerted to a remote spot on the edge of town near her home in Brazil. There, on a dirt road near an illegal trash dumping site, were three little lives in need of saving.

They were puppies — presumably abandoned there by someone who hoped they’d never be found.

As Josiane approached, the three puppies sheepishly emerged from the brush, wary to trust, but at the same time, eager to be saved. Working up the courage, the puppies then bravely asked for help:

Though the puppies took a few moments to feel comfortable enough to accept Josiane's affection, they soon understood that she was there with the best of intentions.

But Josiane did more than simply comfort them. She changed their lives.

"She took care of them at her house," Clarissa Castro Braga, a veterinarian friend of Josiane's, told The Dodo. "They received important vaccines and deworming, and she fed them food with adequate nutrition."

What led up to the puppies being dumped in that middle-of-nowhere spot isn't known for sure — but one thing is clear.

They'll never be without love in their lives again.

In time, after the puppies regained their strength, they were given the chance at a new, happier beginning.

"When they were older and healthy, Josiane and I held an event at my veterinary clinic," Braga said. "We managed to adopt out all the puppies."