Pup Caught On Camera Saving 14-Year-Old Dog Who Fell Into Swimming Pool

"She's our hero" ❤️

Meet Luna and Caipirinha — two sweet dogs who share an unbreakable friendship.

And it shows.

Julieta Firpo

The other day, the dogs' owner, Julieta Firpo, was surprised when Luna strolled into the house sopping wet.

As a senior dog of 14 years, her eyesight fading, Luna's not nearly as adventurous as she once was — so it seemed odd that she'd decide to take a swim in the pool on her own.

But it turns out, she hadn't.

Reviewing security cam footage of the pool area, Firpo discovered that Luna had actually fallen into the water by accident and, unable to navigate her way back out by herself, was in real danger of drowning. That is, until Caipirinha rushed in.

Here's that moment on video:

"We watched the video and couldn't believe it," Firpo told The Dodo.

Seeing Luna in danger, Caipirinha worked diligently to help her — guiding the confused senior dog toward the shallow end of the pool, before pulling her to safety by her collar.

Caipirinha had saved the day.

Julieta Firpo

Now realizing the danger, Firpo plans to block off the pool so such an accident doesn't happen again. 

But thanks to Caipirinha's quick thinking and clear devotion to her friend's well-being, Luna escaped that scary incident unharmed.

Julieta Firpo

The dogs' family couldn't be more grateful.

"Caipirinha was already the darling of the house," Firpo said. "Now, she's our hero."