Police Rush To Help Injured 'Dog' On Beach And Find Someone Unexpected

“[T]he last thing they expected was to have their hearts stolen.”

When members of the British Transport Police force recently heard that there was a dog in distress near the river Thames, the worried officers headed to the scene. But when they arrived, the officers quickly realized the situation was nothing like they’d imagined. There was a little animal in trouble. But he wasn’t a dog.

“[T]he last thing they expected was to have their hearts stolen,” British Transport Police wrote in a Facebook post.

officer and seal
Facebook/British Transport Police

It turns out, the passerby who’d alerted the police had meant that there was a sea-dog in distress, also known as a seal.

Officers got in touch with experts at South Essex Wildlife Hospital, and soon rescuer Joe White was on the scene. White contained the seal and rushed him back to the hospital for a more thorough assessment.

vet and seal
South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Once at the hospital, the seal began to calm down. Lead veterinarian Tom Linsel carefully examined the little guy and determined what was wrong.

“Tom … found it to be a little lethargic with a swollen muzzle, which it is now being treated for,” a representative from South Essex Wildlife Hospital told The Dodo.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Once stabilized, the seal was placed on a course of treatment. When he’s fully recovered, this little seal will make his way back to the wild. For now, though, he’s still resting and recovering at the wildlife hospital. Veterinarians are monitoring his progress and have been pleased that the seal is doing well so far and is beginning to develop a healthy appetite.

“Things are definitely in the early days, as it can take a little while to fully investigate every issue,” the representative said. “But we are doing our very best, and [the seal] is currently enjoying a lot of very expensive fish!”

To help other animals like this seal, make a donation to South Essex Wildlife Hospital.