Police Look On Helplessly As Herd Of Goats Takes Over Neighborhood

"This situation was not a part of their training."

Last week, police officers in Pinole, California, were called to the scene of some playful pandemonium — and there was little they could do to stop it.

The cops that day were heavily outnumbered.

Pinole Police Department

Throughout the region, herds of goats are often employed to clear out areas of dry brush ahead of wildfire season. Typically, the goats are fenced in place and overseen by herding dogs — but in this case, it would seem, there’d been a breach.

As local residents and law enforcement looked on helplessly, dozen upon dozens of goats spilled into a nearby neighborhood. There, they dutifully grazed like an eager, albeit unauthorized, landscaping crew.

“It was quite a sight!” one resident later wrote online.

Here’s that moment on video:

No injuries were reported, though it appears that several shrubs, trees and ornamental plants may have been maimed in the incident.

Fortunately for the police, however, the goats’ caretakers were quickly able to reestablish order, redirecting the group back to their designated grazing spot.

"This situation was not a part of their training," one commenter wrote. "This [is] too funny and cute at the same time."