Police Dog Who Just Got A Gift Fills Everyone Watching With Holiday Cheer

"This moment was too good" ❤️

In the Great Hall at Chicago’s Union Station, there stands a towering Christmas tree, decked with thousands of lights and dozens of colorful ornaments.

But while it certainly fills that grand chamber with a sense of yuletide spirit, it still pales in comparison to the happy holiday scene passenger Caitlin Springer and others witnessed there on a recent visit.

That was provided by one of the station’s cutest employees.

The other day, while waiting for her train in the Great Hall, Springer sat along with the other commuters, most of whom were quietly looking at their phones — each in their own little worlds.

“Then I heard laughing,” Springer told The Dodo.

Springer looked up. Nearly everyone did. In front of them was a station police K9 and his handler.

The dog was jumping around with a toy he had just gotten from the officer,” Springer said. “Everyone started laughing and smiling and got off their phones to enjoy the cuteness. It seemed like there was a shared joy throughout everyone in the room watching the dog.”

Here’s that moment on video:

In that moment, the strangers assembled in the hall — many of whom were no doubt stressed from their commutes — were brought together with holiday cheer.

It was all provided by the happy pup.

"It was so funny seeing what should be a serious, bomb-sniffing police dog jumping all around, playing with his toy. This moment was too good. The officer was also trying so hard not to crack and break down laughing, which just made it even better," Springer said. "Seeing this dog and feeling the shared joy was so, so uplifting."