Playful Police Dog Turns Airport Layover Into Highlight Of Woman's Trip

"It was really cute so I decided to film it" 😍

Recently, while on route from Japan to her home in Brisbane, Australia, passenger Sarah Jeanette had a long layover in the Australian city of Cairns.

Though Jeanette may have preferred to reach her final destination more directly, that unideal part of her travel itinerary ended up providing an unexpected highlight of her trip.

Cairns Airport

As Jeanette settled in at the airport to await her next flight, she noticed something just outside the terminal's large windows. There, a police K9 and his handler were apparently on a break from their regular duties.

That was when Jeanette caught a glimpse of what the pair do in their downtime.

And, well, it was just plain adorable.

Jeanette described the playful moment as a "core memory" — a sweet scene she won't soon forget. 

"They’d been playing for a while, and I thought it was really cute, so I decided to film it," Jeanette told The Dodo. "I’m a dog lover! So it definitely made the layover much more bearable!"

There are several dogs dutifully employed at the Cairns Airport, where they're trained to sniff out prohibited items and prevent them from entering the country. It's an important task — but, thankfully, not one that prevents them from having a good time, too.

"It’s definitely nice to know these hardworking dogs still get to have some fun on the job!" Jeanette said.