Playful Dog Steals Reporter's Microphone During Live News Broadcast

That was unexpected 😂

The other day, reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was delivering a live weather update on location in Russia when a playful dog decided to place himself at the center of everyone's attention.

But he stole more than just the spotlight.

Facebook/Мир 24

Serezhkina, a correspondent for MIR24, had only just begun speaking on camera when, out of the blue, her segment was unexpectedly cut short.

The dog, apparently confusing Serezhkina's colorful microphone for some sort of toy, suddenly leapt into frame — stealing it right out of her hands. Then he ran off, forcing the intrepid reporter to give chase.

Visibly stunned, the anchor back in the studio pressed on with another report, returning to Serezhkina about 30 seconds later with an update.

Here's footage of the scene:

Fortunately, though it may have been a bit jarring, Serezhkina was unscathed by the sudden mic-snatching.

The dog, whose name is Martin, had meant no harm — he simply wanted to play.

Facebook/Мир 24

From the look of things, Serezhkina and Martin parted ways as friends, ending their encounter with a shaking of paw and hand.

Sure, Serezhkina's weather report may have taken a back seat due to Martin's interruption, but his contribution to the segment no doubt made everyone's day a little brighter.