Pittie Puppy Sneaks The Cutest Nap With His Sister After Long Day At The Beach

"Nino is a professional cuddler.”

When Kamilla Ferreira adopted Nino, she was surprised when people on the street were afraid of him. The 4-month-old pittie is just a big baby who loves to snuggle and spread joy.

“People sometimes get scared of his tough looks, but a couple of minutes and they're enchanted,” Ferreira told The Dodo. “He welcomes people on the street with such happiness … People know him by name in our neighborhood.”


Nino especially loves to snuggle with Ferreira’s teenage sister Carol. It seems like whenever they’re together, there’s always a nap involved.

“They have a strong bond,” Ferreira said. “She is like a sister to him, too, and Nino is a professional cuddler.”

Nino and his sister snuggling
Nino cuddles with his sister | Kamilla Ferreira

Ferreira finally caught the adorable pair sweetly snoozing on video after a trip to the beach. Nino had just enjoyed a day of running around the sand, experiencing the water for the first time, and on the ride home, the little pittie was tuckered out. 

Carol quickly fell asleep in the backseat of the car, but Nino tried really hard to stay awake. Eventually, the gentle motion of the car lulled him to sleep, and the two snoozed together all the way home.

Dog falls asleep in backseat of car with his sister

That’s when Ferreira saw her opportunity to capture the napping buddies in action: “It was so cute, I just had to film it,” she said.

The video has since been viewed on TikTok over 3 million times, making Nino a viral sensation for what he does best — sleeping.

Nino looks just like a tired little kid, napping in the car with his sister, which is no surprise to Ferreira: “His eyes are so bright that sometimes he looks like a furry child,” she said.

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