Pittie Comes Across Music Installation And Goes Absolutely Wild For It

The purest reaction ever 😭

TikTok user Anosch was out for a walk with her pittie when the curious pup saw a music installation and just had to go and check it out.

The installation was a series of tiles built into the ground that made different sounds when you stepped on each one. It was shaped similarly to an inground trampoline that the pittie loved jumping on with her mom, which may have been why she was drawn to it. As soon as she jumped on it, she quickly realized it wasn’t a trampoline but something entirely different and just as magical.

As soon as the pup realized that the tiles made sounds, she went absolutely nuts. She began leaping onto the different tiles, composing a masterpiece unlike anything anyone’s ever heard. People walking by stopped to watch the composer at work, and her mom couldn’t stop laughing.

Anosch posted about the sweet encounter on TikTok, and everyone went just as wild for the pittie as she did for the installment.

“I would cry if I saw this in person,” One user wrote. “Life is so beautiful.”

It just goes to show that music and art are for everyone, no matter your species.