Photographer Comes Face To Face With A Tiny, Smiling Twig

He's so cute!

Brendan "Cygnus" James is an experienced macro photographer in Australia who specializes in taking photos of bugs, frogs, lizards and other similar creatures. He’s always looking for the next interesting spider or a shocking snake, and he’s absolutely thrilled each time he finds one.

James has a wishlist of different species he hopes to photograph. One day, he was out on a photography trip, and when he suddenly realized a tiny twig was actually staring at him, he knew he was about to check a species off the list.

The Acroaspis twig mimic orb weaver is a very elusive species of spider. Not a ton is known about them because of their sneaky nature, which involves blending in and pretending to be just another twig blowing in the breeze in order to avoid predators.

James knew all his searching had been worth it when he saw all that personality in one tiny face.

There are many different types of orb weaver spiders, and each is unique in the way they look and behave. They all have their quirks — but the Acroaspis twig mimic orb weaver may be the cutest and quirkiest one of all.