Photographer Captures Photos That Look Straight Out Of 'The Lion King'

Incredible shots ☀️🦁

Shaaz Jung is a professional photographer whose specialty is definitely wildlife. He’s photographed tons of different elusive wild animals up close, including leopards, elephants, panthers and lions.

All of his shots are out-of-this-world incredible — and some are stunningly cinematic.

During his travels, Jung took some photos of lions and other various wild animals roaming the Serengeti at sunset, and what he captured can only be described as looking like it came straight out of “The Lion King.”

From shots that look like they should have been used for the original movie poster …

… to photos that seem like they were created for the live-action version of “The Lion King," Jung truly has captured it all.

It can be hard to get such perfectly timed and posed photos of such unpredictable subjects, but Jung is able to do it quite masterfully. Thanks to him, it feels like “The Lion King” really happened, and that is certainly a priceless gift.