Doggy Day Care Staff Accidentally Capture Exactly How Much Dog Loves Playing Fetch

That face 😂

Tucker is known in his family as being a huge goofball, and will get excited about pretty much anything. 

“He’s always keeping us on our toes with his antics but [is] a big snuggle bug at the end of the day,” Samantha Flener, Tucker’s mom, told The Dodo. “He has always loved playing ANYTHING.” 

dog and funny sign
Samantha Flener

Tucker attends doggy day care at a local dog ranch and absolutely loves it. He gets so excited to go, and loves playing all day with all of his dog and human friends there. 

One day, Tucker was being his usual excitable self and playing fetch with one of the staff members. As he chased after the ball, he got a little too excited to try and catch it — and his friend was able to capture a photo of him at the absolute perfect moment. 

dog plays fetch
Samantha Flener

“One of the employees at the ranch was the one who took the pic and sent it to me as part of the daily update,” Flener said. “I immediately laughed.” 

In the photo, Tucker looks pretty goofy and ridiculous — and so extremely happy to be playing fetch with his friends. It’s clear that Tucker is a big fan of fetch, doggy day care and life in general, and his family loved seeing his personality so perfectly captured in one well-timed photo. 

dog and baby cuddling
Samantha Flener

“Tucker is a total love bug but the biggest goofball,” Flener said.

Tucker had no idea that his game of fetch would turn into an impromptu photo shoot, but even if he had, there’s no doubt the photo still would have turned out exactly the same.