People Spot Fuzzball In Sewer Trash And Realize It's A Baby In Need

“[H]e looked super [skinny] and scared.”

Deep below the ground, trapped in a sewer on a public street in Lebanon, a tan and white kitten cried out for help. For three days, locals, including animal activist Ghina Nahfawi, attempted to get the kitten to safety. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t coax the kitten out into the light.

kitten in sewer
Facebook/Animals Lebanon

The kitten needed an expert. Luckily, staff members from Animals Lebanon were soon on the scene, ready to help.

kitten in sewer
Facebook/Animals Lebanon

“The rescuers were very concerned about him and worried as he looked super [skinny] and scared,” Reem Sadek, Animals Lebanon’s companion animals manager, told The Dodo.

Rescuers moved the grate and patiently waited for the kitten to come out from where he was hiding.

Facebook/Animals Lebanon

“We spent the whole day trying to lead him to the trapping cage using all [kinds] of tasty food (tuna, fish, wet food), but he was too afraid to move,” Sadek said.

In time, the kitten realized the rescuers wouldn’t cause him any harm. He slowly inched into the trap. Once safely contained, rescuers moved the kitten out of the trash heap, back above ground where he belonged.

Animals Lebanon

Rescuers took the kitten to a veterinarian who found that, despite his ordeal, the fluffy boy did not show any obvious signs of illness. For now, the kitten is still with Animals Lebanon, where he is being monitored for developing symptoms.

“He is still understandably traumatized and scared, but we are working to gain his trust again,” Sadek said. “It took us [a] few days of continuous love and care [until] he started opening up to us.”

Staff at Animals Lebanon hope that someone will see this kitten’s story and take a chance on him. Only then will this brave little kitten finally have the life he deserves.

“All he needs is someone to show him some love,” Animals Lebanon wrote in a Facebook post about the rescue. “Once we ensure he is in good health, he desperately needs a foster home to help him come out of his shell.”

If you're interested in adopting this kitten, click here for more information. To help other animals like this kitten, make a donation to Animals Lebanon.