People Lift Storm Drain Cover And Find A Very Unexpected 'Clog'

Whoa 😲

Earlier this week, while driving home at night near her home in Brazil, Gitane Klain noticed a small crowd gathering along the wooded roadside. Their attention was rapt toward something within an adjacent storm drain.

Her curiosity piqued, Klain decided to pull over. She saw the storm drain grate had been lifted to reveal a massive "clog" of sorts.

Gitane Klain

It was actually someone down inside.

Gatine Klain

Much to Klain's surprise, the figure within the storm drain was an enormous snake — an anaconda native to the region.

"I came across that beautiful animal," Klain told The Dodo. "I think she went there to seek shelter. [She was] super healthy and beautiful."

While Klain and the others looked on, the anaconda slowly slithered through drainage system.

Gitane Klain

Klain, who works in the eco tourism industry, said that reports had come through in recent days that a large anaconda was making her way through the area. Fortunately, locals seem to understand the importance of protecting such an incredible species.

"Until then I had not had the privilege of seeing her," Klain said. "The concern of residents is for the preservation of these animals and to be able to live in harmony."

The following day, the snake was spotted again, this time above ground. Klain went to get a better look and better record her size — estimated to be about 20 feet long.

Gitane Klain

Though such a large snake may be an imposing sight, anacondas like her generally pose little or no threat to people. That's a message Klain's friend, educator and journalist Carlos Ärakáki, hopes to spread in sharing the word about her remarkable encounter.

"These are important animals for the environment," Ärakáki told The Dodo. "I am extremely happy to see an anaconda of this size alive, free and in the wild. She's so beautiful."