People Find Bobcat Frozen To Train Tracks During Chilly Weather

The next train was coming soon so they had to act fast 🙀❄️

Coby Reid was inspecting a stretch of train tracks in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains when he came across a small animal nearly blending in with his surroundings.

A young bobcat was sitting in the center of the tracks, seemingly unconcerned that he was holding up traffic. “The cat was reposed on his haunches with one arm leaned casually over the rail, as though he were reclining in an armchair,” Reid told The Dodo. 

Train inspector saves bobcat's life
Facebook/Coby Reid

The cat looked relaxed but, as Reid moved closer, he realized that the animal was in grave danger. Reid and his partner climbed out of their truck and noticed that the cat couldn’t move because he was frozen to the metal rail.

With a train fast approaching behind them, Reid knew they had to get the wild animal to safety, so he tried to cover the bobcat with his jacket to warm him up.

The bobcat didn't seem too happy about wearing clothes.

“We took a moment to think about the situation before deciding to call our office to ask someone to bring us a pail of hot water to help free the unfortunate cat from the rail,” Reid said. “A short while later, our boss arrived, water in hand and ready to assist.” 

The first pail of water freed one of the cat’s legs — and made him increasingly mad. “With a bit of coaxing and more warm water, the cat was free,” Reid said. “But to our surprise, he did not want to leave without a fight.”

Finally, Reid and the other inspectors were able to move the bobcat from the tracks just in time.

Train crew frees bobcat frozen to tracks
Facebook/Coby Reid

“The bobcat ensured that we completed our inspections only 30 minutes shy of the next train’s passing,” Reid said. “The very train that would have ended our small friend’s life had we not been conducting an inspection that morning.”

While the bobcat didn't seem too grateful for the assist, Reid was happy that he was there to give the little guy a second chance at life.