People Find Tiny Babies Living On Sea Trash And Give Them The Best New Home

"They are so cute and small" 😍🐙

Kayleigh Grant runs boat tours in Hawaii, and during those tours, the group always picks up any trash they see along the way to try and make the ocean a better place for everyone who lives in it. They always check each piece of trash because sometimes wildlife like to make homes out of it — and recently, they found the cutest little baby octopuses living on a discarded snack bag.

“Since we always examine the rubbish for anything living, we noticed them right away,” Grant told The Dodo.

Kayleigh Grant

Baby octopuses may seem like a rare find, but for Grant, they’re a part of her everyday life at this point.

“I have been lucky enough to see them many times due to working out in the deep sea,” Grant said. “They are so cute and small, so they always make me so happy to find them!”

baby octopus
Kayleigh Grant

These particular baby octopuses had chosen a piece of trash as their home, and Grant knew she and her team could help them upgrade to something much better. Very gently, they removed them from the bag and kept them in their palms, filled with seawater, to keep them safe while they prepared their new home. Luckily, as soon as the group saw the three little babies, they knew exactly what to use as their new living space instead of the snack bag.

Kayleigh Grant

“Usually, we have a pineapple onboard our boat to cut up for the guests, so we use the leaves or head of the pineapple as a new home,” Grant said. “They were very patient while waiting for each of them to be transferred to a leaf of the pineapple, which only took about one to two minutes total.”

Once all three babies had been safely placed on the pineapple head, they gently put it into the ocean and watched the tiny octopuses float away aboard their new home — and then went back to picking up trash and keeping a lookout for any other babies who might need their help.

You can follow Grant and her tours on TikTok.