People Do The Nicest Thing After Finding Someone Living In Their Christmas Tree

“As soon as we found it, we decided to leave the tree up” ❤️

With the new year now well underway, the decorations of last year’s joyous holiday season are being taken down and placed back into storage.

But at one business site in Brazil, the joy has really only just begun.

Santa Angela Construtora

Last week, employees at Santa Angela Construtora were preparing to take down the Christmas tree that they’d set up in the company’s cafeteria space when they noticed something peculiar.

Despite being an artificial tree, a very real someone had evidently decided to call it home.

Santa Angela Construtora

There, nestled among the branches, was a mother bird sitting in a nest she'd built while nobody around was looking.

And in the nest were her babies.

“To our surprise and excitement, while dismantling the tree, we came across this beautiful and moving scene!” Cíntia Souza, a spokesperson for the company, told The Dodo.

Santa Angela Construtora

And with that, plans to disassemble the tree were immediately halted.

“As soon as we found it, we decided to leave the tree up,” Souza said. “And so that nothing and no one could interfere with the development of the chicks, we put up a fence to protect them until they choose to leave!”

Santa Angela Construtora

It was an unexpected spot for the bird to raise her family, to be sure — especially considering all the real trees available nearby.

But, thanks to the staffers’ hospitality, it was actually the perfect place for the babies to grow up.

Christmas may have passed, but the tree will stay for as long as the birds are using it.

Staff at the company wouldn't have it any other way.

Santa Angela Construtora

"For us, it is a pleasure to be able to live with nature and all the good things it brings us," Souza said. "We couldn't help but get emotional knowing that she chose us to welcome her and her babies."