People Describe The Awkward Moment Their Pets First Saw Them Naked

"It's been weird between us ever since."

Despite spending pretty much all their time without clothes on, some pets seem to find it odd to see people in the buff. But, as is so often the case when sharing a home, there’s likely to come a day in which cats and dogs get a glimpse of their owners in the nude.

And, well, it can make things a little awkward.

Just ask these people who were caught by their pets wearing nothing at all.

Although they seem to have no qualms about letting it all hang out (and in public too, no less), for some dogs, unexpectedly seeing their owners in a state of undress takes things just a bit too far.

Like, how about a little heads up next time?

Other times, the awkwardness stems from the birthday-suit-wearer themselves for having accidentally given their pups an unsolicited eyeful.

On occasion, the weirdness lies in a pup's unclear response — or complete lack thereof.

Then again, even if some awkward feelings arise, it can be helpful to keep things in perspective.

Cats on the other hand? Well, that's often a different story.

Seeing their owners baring it all seems to elicit other types of reactions.

For some cats, seeing their owners all naked and vulnerable seems to bring out one strong feeling in particular — judgement.

Sometimes it's subtle.

Sometimes, it's not so subtle.

More often than not, however, just a look says it all.

There is a chance, perhaps, that cats' reaction to nudity all stems from a simple misunderstanding.

It's hard to say for certain what cats are ever thinking, of course — but getting caught by them unclad does give rise to some interesting questions.

While awkwardness may abound when it comes to dogs and cats catching their owners au naturel, not all pets are so prudish.

Some, of the feathered variety, can be downright encouraging.

In the end, despite the occasional awkwardness, it's pets who know their owners better than most ever will — both inside and out. (But feel free to close the bathroom door next time anyway, mkay?)