People Are Stunned To See Huge Animal Trapped In Tree Right Outside Their Homes

She was so big 😳

It’s not uncommon to spot wildlife right outside your front door. But recently, residents of Reno, Nevada, gazed up at one of the trees lining their suburban street and were shocked to see someone much, much bigger than they expected.

bear in tree
Facebook/Nevada Department of Wildlife

Neighbors soon realized that the wayward animal was a 15-year-old bear who’d wandered into the community and then, realizing she was lost, anxiously scrambled up the tree.

When rescuers from the Nevada Department of Wildlife and firefighters from the Reno Fire Department arrived at the scene, they soon realized that the frightened bear wouldn’t be leaving the tree without their help.

“When they located the bear, it had already been spooked up a tree,” Ashley Sanchez, Nevada Department of Wildlife public information officer, told The Dodo. “It became clear that it would not come down on its own anytime soon.”

firefighters looking at bear
Facebook/Nevada Department of Wildlife

Nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Reno occasionally attracts bears, especially in the spring, when the large animals come out of their dens and begin to explore.

“Bears often follow water sources, like streams and ditches, into neighborhoods, which have abundant human-food sources,” Sanchez said. “It’s not common to see bears in this specific neighborhood, but we have had activity there before.”

firefighters saving bear
Facebook/Nevada Department of Wildlife

Rescuers knew this bear needed to get back to her home in the wild as soon as possible. Using a ladder, they approached the bear and safely tranquilized her so that she’d remain calm. Then, they nudged her out of the tree and caught her using a tarp. Once on the ground, rescuers transported the bear to a shelter, where she could recover overnight.

bear in stream

The next day, the bear was moved to a release site. Rescuers watched as she bounded back into the wilderness, delighted to be home and thankful that her crazy journey into suburbia was over.