People Are Sharing Stories About Why Their Dogs Got Kicked Out Of Daycare

"He ... started a dog riot" 😂

Sure, it's easy enough to be a good boy or girl in the comfort of home, where the treats flow freely and proud pup parents can see no imperfections in their adorable pets. But for some more mischievous pups, being in doggy daycare means all bets are off.

Just ask these people whose dogs got the boot.

This week, Twitter-user Sophie Haigney took to the platform to share a quick, funny tidbit about canine expulsion. But she wouldn't be the only one with a tale to tell.

Haigney's tweet quickly went viral, evidently because it was so darn relatable.

Before long, dozens more pet owners began to weigh in with their own stories of why their dogs got kicked out of daycare.

Like this pup, who apparently staged an uprising:

This dog did something similar, but with different intentions:


Then there's Radar. He may not look like and alpha pup per se, but don't tell him that:

This dog took a more roundabout approach to asserting his dominance:

There's clearly no love lost from this person whose dog also tried to claim the whole place as his own:

It's hard to blame this pair of pup for what sounds like a simple case of mistaken identity: 

This one, however, is a bit tougher to defend:

Then there's this guy:

In some cases, like with Cocoa here, it sounds like the other doggy daycare residents just didn't deserve her:

In the end, there's really no such thing as a bad dog. A bad fit at daycare? It happens!

After reading the tweets, this person summed it up nicely:

These pup parents have a right to be proud — so grab the treats.

They're all perfect.