People Are Having A Really Hard Time Finding The Two Dogs In This Photo

Do you see them? 👀

Recently, Gemma Halliday was traveling when she noticed her mom had messaged her a photo from home. Inspecting the photograph, Halliday saw two feet lounging on a chair in front of some bright-green bushes. But upon closer inspection, Halliday noticed her family's dogs — Toffee and Squashie — were actually in the photo as well.

hidden dogs
Gemma Halliday

Thrilled at the fun dogspotting game, Halliday posted the photo to Facebook.

“There are two dogs in this photo, but you can probably only find one,” she wrote in the picture’s caption.

Soon, eyes across the internet were scouring the photo, trying to find Toffee and Squashie.

In case you’re still having trouble, here’s some help:

hidden dogs
Gemma Halliday

When they’re not busy disguising themselves among the greenery, Toffee and Squashie enjoy hanging out with their other dog siblings, Tippy and Noodle.

four dogs in crate
Gemma Halliday

Though the family’s yard is dotted with lots of trees providing shade for the dogs, the loving pups still insist on taking to the garden, where their favorite people are more likely to be nearby.

“Now that it's hot in the summer, they will hide in the bushes,” Halliday told The Dodo. “That part of the garden isn't very shaded, [but] they like to be close to the family, so the only option is the bushes.”

dogs and woman
Gemma Halliday

Halliday can’t get enough of her family’s unique pups and their eccentric personalities.

“Toffee is the pack leader, she loves food and, because of her goofy teeth, will dribble on people if there is cheese or chicken around,” Halliday said. “Squashie is the problem child, and she is obsessed with giving kisses.”

Never far, these loving dogs are happy to be close to their family — though it’s anyone’s guess where, exactly, they’re hiding.