People Are Having The Hardest Time Finding The Real Cat In This Pile Of Toys

Where could he be? 🕵️‍♀️

It’s pretty universally known that cats love to hide. In cabinets, in boxes, in very high places — you name it, a cat will probably try to hide in it. Piles of pillows or stuffed animals are particularly popular spots for some cats to try and stay hidden. They can be pretty effective — but one cat recently took it to a whole other level.

When Larry decided he needed a nap, he searched for the perfect spot and settled on a pile of his mom’s stuffed animals and pillows. He nestled himself in and accidentally made it so that he was incredibly hard to spot.

When his mom finally noticed him there, she couldn’t help but take a video because his hiding job was so good — and she wanted to see if anyone else would be able to spot him.

So, can you find him?

If you’ve been searching forever and finally give up, here’s a hint: Look right next to the “I love you” bear.


Larry did such a good job hiding, he really should get a medal. Cats everywhere should aspire to his skill level. Props to Larry, the hiding king.