People Are Having A Very Hard Time Finding The Animals Hidden In These Photos

Can you spot them? 🔍

Whether it’s camouflage or just being sneaky, animals have a knack for disappearing in the most obvious places. Sometimes the animals want to stay hidden, and other times pets accidentally vanish in the funniest spots. But whether it's intentional or not, photos of these perfectly camouflaged animals have left people scratching their heads across the internet. 

Can you find these masters of disguise?

1. Find The Dog

This dog was playing with his family outside, searching for the perfect stick, when he disappeared before his mom’s eyes. 

Ghost dove into a big pile of leaves and ended up completely submerged. His mom snapped a photo where you can see him peeking out a bit. Can you find Ghost in this photo?

Find the dog hidden in this photo
Natashia Saurey

Here he is!

Natashia Saurey

2. Find The Snow Leopard

Wildlife photographer Saurabh Desai was in the Spiti Valley of Northern India when he snapped a photo that's stumped people with even the keenest eyesight. The snow-covered mountain is hiding a snow leopard, an elusive big cat whose coat helps him perfectly blend into his landscape.

Can you spot him?

Snow leopard blends into mountain

Still can't find him? Here's a hint ...


3. Find The Snake

It took a while for one family in Australia to spot this snake in their backyard. The highly venomous eastern brown snake was hanging out closer than they would’ve liked, so they called Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast to relocate the reptile to a safer location.

Can you find the sneaky snake hiding out?

Snake hides in family's backyard
Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

Here's the camouflaged snake!

Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

4. Find The Cat

Norah the cat is an expert at squeezing into tight spots where she feels coziest. A photo of her favorite sleeping nook went viral when her mom Kate Hinds posted it on Twitter, stumping everyone. 

Can you spy Norah snoozing in this photo?

Find the cat hiding in this photo

Still can’t find her?


5. Find The Husky

Kevin Hollingsworth was stuck in traffic when he saw an adorable husky sticking his head out a car window. As the dog’s vehicle pulled ahead of him, Hollingsworth snapped a very sneaky picture of the pup.

Can you find the husky hanging out in his car?

Husky hiding in traffic
Kevin Hollingsworth

Check out this reflection.

Kevin Hollingsworth

6. Find The Bobcat

There’s more than what first meets the eye in this picture of a forest floor. When New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation shared this trail cam photo, few could find the baby bobcat perfectly blending in with the fall leaves.

Can you spot the adorable wild kitten?

Bobcat hiding in picture of forest

Surprise! Here she is.


Next time you're out for a walk, keep your eyes open — you never know what animals might be hiding in plain sight.