People Are Having A Hard Time Figuring Out This Freaky Cat Photo

Can you figure it out? 🤔

Considering the amount of photos pet parents take of their cats and dogs, they’re bound to capture some pretty odd moments.

Recently, one Reddit user, who goes by I_spin_bubbles, snapped a picture of his perfectly normal cat and ended up with something truly perplexing.

Cat with missing head optical illusion

He posted the photo, which appeared to be part optical illusion and part-magic trick, on Reddit with the caption: “One head in one head out. Cat complete,” to see who could figure it out. But the internet sleuths had some difficulty nailing down what exactly was going on.

In the photo, I_spin_bubbles’s cat Koda’s head appears to be separated from his body. But, in reality, the cat had some help pulling off this stunt from his sister, Lilly.

Cats Koda and Lilly make an optical illusion

The two cats are rarely apart, whether they’re snuggling together on the couch or play fighting. “[Koda’s] always sneaking up from behind and uses all his body weight to play fight,” I_spin_bubbles told The Dodo. “Lilly loves playing with everything she finds, especially playing fetch. She's only 8 months old and literally half Koda's size and weight, but plays rough with him all the time.”


I_spin_bubbles was entertaining his cats with a packing ribbon — one of their favorite toys — when he snapped the now-infamous picture. He realized it looked like something out of a horror movie.

Thankfully, Koda and Lilly’s heads are still firmly attached to their bodies. But if they ever want to perform a magic trick again, they know that two heads are definitely better than one.