Pedestrian Walking Under Highway Overpass Hears Tiny Cries For Help

She had no way of getting down.

The other day, the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS) team received a concerning call from a local resident.

The Good Samaritan reported hearing cries coming from the depths of a highway overpass. Looking up to investigate, they’d found a tiny kitten trapped on a 16-foot ledge with no way of getting down.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Animal Care Officer Garcia responded to the call first and attempted to capture the frightened kitty with a net.

“The fearful feline had other ideas, darting back and forth, keeping out of Officer Garcia’s reach,” SAACS wrote on Facebook.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Luckily, two additional Animal Care officers arrived on the scene shortly after with the exact equipment needed to rescue the little one, whom they’d named Zelda.

Using a ladder and a humane cat trap, the three officers finally cornered the tiny kitten. A few moments later, they carefully lowered Zelda from the ledge.

“The dynamic trio of officers worked together to ensure Zelda’s safety, bring her down from her perilous perch and transport her to Animal Care Services,” SAACS wrote.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Zelda spent a few days decompressing at SAACS’s headquarters until a different organization, Animal Defense League of Texas (ADLT), caught wind of her rescue.

The team at ADLT fell in love with Zelda right away and stepped in to give her the best chance at finding a loving family.

“They transferred her into their care, where she will be nurtured and loved until she’s ready for her [forever] home,” SAACS wrote.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Today, Zelda can be found soaking up all the care and affection her friends at ADLT have to give.

With her days of surviving under a highway far behind her, the little one now has an exciting life ahead — and she has her dedicated rescuers to thank for it.

“Thank you to all who helped rescue the adorable princess,” SAACS wrote. “You are now known as heroes in the Legend of Zelda!”

To help animals like Zelda get the care they need, you can make a donation to City of San Antonio Animal Care Services here.