Dogs Insist On Riding In Ambulance Carrying Their Owner To The Hospital

"If this isn't love, I don't know what is."

This week, paramedics were called in to assist a man in distress in the city of Bauru, Brazil. When they arrived, they found the man on the ground, having suffered an apparent seizure.

But when first responders got closer, they realized the man was not alone.

With him were his two dogs, Bob and Chiara — and they had no intention whatsoever of leaving their best friend’s side.

Patrícia Iolanda

After the man was loaded into the ambulance, the two dogs followed suit.

The paramedics then informed their higher-ups that the whole gang would be traveling to the hospital together.

“Concerned about the lives of the patient and the dogs [if they had been left alone] … The team decided not to separate the friends,” Patrícia Iolanda, the paramedics’ supervisor, wrote in a post.

So, they all rode along.

Patrícia Iolanda

Once at the hospital, the man was admitted inside. Bob and Chiara, meanwhile, settled in just outside the door to await his return.

The dogs’ patient vigil lasted through the night.

But eventually, their hearts were put at ease.

Patrícia Iolanda

The next day, having recovered from the incident, the man was released — discharged from the hospital into the sweet care of his two dogs.

For them, it was no doubt worth the wait.

Patrícia Iolanda

Every day, paramedics deal with issues of life and death. The takeaway in this case, however, was more a matter of the heart.

“If this isn’t love,” Iolanda wrote, “I don’t know what is.”