'Otters' Found Trapped In Storm Drain Turn Out To Be Something Very Different

“It was important to get them out as quickly as possible as they were at risk of drowning ..."

When a Good Samaritan noticed something wet and furry trapped down in a drain in Frome, England, they assumed it was an otter. The suspected otter was stuck in over 3 feet of dirty water, just waiting for someone to help them.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue received the call about the otter and sent one of their wildlife care assistants out to handle it — but when he arrived, he quickly realized there were no otters in sight.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

“It is not every day we get a phone call about an otter that turns out to be something very different,” Secret World Wildlife Rescue wrote on Facebook.

The otter actually turned out to be two beavers, huddled together deep down in the drain.

“It was important to get them out as quickly as possible as they were at risk of drowning if left in the storm drain,” the rescue said.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

One of the beavers appeared to be much weaker than the other, making it possible that he had been trapped in the drain for longer. The care assistant, Matt, worked hard to get both beavers out of the drain quickly and carefully.

“They are certainly bigger than you expect and really quite heavy, weighing in at about [33 pounds] each,” Matt told The Dodo.

Facebook/RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife

Once the beavers were both safely out of the drain, Matt was able to transport them to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife to receive the care and rehabilitation they needed. They’re both doing incredibly well now and are getting lots of snacks and TLC. Once they’re ready, they’ll be released back into the wild, where they belong.

If you’d like to help other animals in need, you can donate to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.