Orphaned Wild Baby Clings To Police Officer While Waiting For Help To Arrive

All she wanted was a "warm cuddle and comfy shoulder" ❤️

Alone on the side of an Australian highway, an orphaned baby possum named Hush recently found herself in a precarious situation. Luckily, local police happened to drive by at just the right time. They spotted Hush and quickly jumped out of their car.

Safe with the officers, Hush clung onto one of their shoulders for support.

“With a warm cuddle and comfy shoulder to sit on, Hush patiently waited,” the officers wrote in a Facebook post about the rescue.

Hamilton Wildlife Shelter owner Shelly Burrowes caught wind of Hush’s predicament and knew she had to help. Soon, Hush was in her expert care.

“I was saddened to hear Hush's story,” Burrowes told The Dodo.

Though it may seem like Hush was clinging to the officer as a substitute for her mom, Burrowes noted that this was likely not the case, as the little possum was a bit too young to be comfortable back-riding.

“At her age … Hush definitely would have been just starting to back-ride on her mother, but definitely would prefer the safety of a dark pouch,” Burrowes said.

baby possum
Hamilton Wildlife Shelter

Slowly, Hush has begun to adapt to the comforts of her new home.

“Hush is doing really well,” Burrowes said. “She is still a little shy and wary; however she has started to gain some confidence.”

possum in blanket
Hamilton Wildlife Shelter

When she’s old enough, Hush will return to the wild. Out on her own, Hush will be able to build a perfect home for herself among the plants and fields where she belongs.

“She will be released into a safe location with lots of native trees and shrubs,” Burrowes said. “She will move around until she finds her own territory to claim, which will become her permanent home.”

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