Orphaned Rescue Owl Has Sweetest Reaction To Stuffie Who Looks Just Like Him

He immediately knew what to do ❤️

Alone on a golf course in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a fluffy white great horned owl chick recently found himself with nowhere to turn.

When animal advocates in the area heard about the orphaned baby, they darted to the scene, eager to get him to safety. Soon, the chick was in the compassionate hands of experts at Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

white owl chick
Raven Ridge Wildlife Center

Raven Ridge staff members knew that if they wanted to release the owl chick one day, they needed to make sure he didn’t imprint on humans. Ideally, the owl would remain wary of humans, as an owl in their natural habitat would.

Rescuers placed a fluffy white owl stuffie in the baby’s enclosure. Consoled by the familiar face, the baby nestled up against the stuffie, as though it were his mom.

baby owl and owl stuffie
Raven Ridge Wildlife Center

Rescuers at Raven Ridge often use tactics like this to make rescue animals feel more at home.

“It's comforting to them,” wildlife rehabilitator Tracie Young told The Dodo.

Eventually, Raven Ridge staff will introduce more images of fellow owls.

“We'll start hanging pictures [of owls] inside the incubator,” Young said. “So he can start identifying [them] as his vision [is] developing. He's going to start focusing in. And we don't want him to focus on people.”

When the baby is ready, he’ll join Pharoah, an adult rescue owl who often serves as a foster parent for orphaned baby owls who come to the rescue.

“Pharaoh is an excellent caretaker,” Raven Ridge wrote in a Facebook post about the baby. “We are confident that the baby owl will receive the best care possible under his guidance.”

Guided by Pharoah, this baby will learn how to be an owl so that one day he can make it on his own.

Here’s a picture of Pharaoh with some of the owlets he’s raised:

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center

Young feels confident that with Pharoah’s help, this baby will be back to the skies in no time.

“[Pharaoh] does a great job,” Young said. “And when we release those babies, they are ready to go. They want nothing to do with people.”

To help other animals like this owl, make a donation to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.