Orphaned Lamb Reunites With Rescuer And Immediately Melts In Her Arms

He recognized her right away ❤️

About a month ago, Eliza Pedlar glanced into a paddock neighboring her home and was saddened to see a wayward lamb lying in the grass, clearly orphaned with nowhere to go. A storm was raging, and Pedlar knew the lamb wouldn’t make it much longer on his own.

“She scooped him up in her arms and rushed him back to her car and took him home,” Orphan Lamb Rescue Farm wrote in a Facebook post. “There, she placed him in a warm, dry bed and gave him some milk to drink.”

In need of more help, Pedlar contacted Orphan Lamb Rescue Farm and arranged a safe home for her new friend.

Four weeks later, she returned to the rescue to see how the lamb was doing. Though so much time had passed, the lamb immediately remembered who she was and ran over to embrace her.

woman holding lamb
Facebook/Orphan lamb rescue farm

“He came up to her for a pat, and when [he] realized she was up for a cuddle, he happily allowed her to pick him up,” Orphan Lamb Rescue Farm founder and president Rebecca Alexander told The Dodo.

Safe with a familiar pal, it was clear the lamb had no worries at all.

“He did drift off to sleep while she was cuddling him,” Alexander said. “He was so relaxed.”

woman holding lamb
Facebook/Orphan lamb rescue farm

The lamb, whose name is Marmalade, has quickly become a favorite at the rescue, known for his quirky, independent personality.

“From the moment he came in, he's done his own thing!” Alexander said. “Marmalade isn't fussed, he's his own boss.”

woman petting lamb
Facebook/Orphan lamb rescue farm

Though he was struggling when he first arrived at the rescue, Marmalade has made lots of progress, and rescue staff are pleased with his recovery.

“He was a sad, sick lamb when he came in — he wasn't active like a normal lamb,” Alexander said. “It took him about [two] weeks to get more active … health-wise he's doing good.”

woman kneeling next to sheep
Facebook/Orphan lamb rescue farm

Happy on the farm with his new family, Marmalade doesn’t have to worry about a thing. He’s already made friends with other lambs, including Blinkey, whom Pedlar also rescued.

Marmalade will live at Orphan Lamb Rescue Farm for the rest of his life, safe with people who will never leave him behind. And if he ever gets anxious, he knows his friend Eliza can visit anytime.

To help other lambs like Marmalade, make a donation to Orphan Lamb Rescue Farm.