Olympic Gold Medalist Reveals What He's Been Knitting In The Stands

“I was making another one at the pool yesterday lol” 🐶 👕

Competitive diver Tom Daley recently won a gold medal for Great Britain at the Tokyo Olympics.

But now he's garnering a fair bit of attention for his action on the sidelines.

Instagram/Tom Daley

In recent days, cameras have captured Daley quietly knitting in the stands — a quaint hobby he’s taken up to relax between events.

Finally, Daley has revealed the adorable things he’s been working on: clothes for dogs.

In a post on an Instagram page dedicated to his knitting and crocheting, Daley shared an album of his creations.

“I made my friends some doggy jumpers!” he wrote, adding, “I was making another one at the pool yesterday lol.”

And, well, they’re all adorable:

Not unlike preparing for the Olympics, knitting gifts (for pups and otherwise) is a labor of love — and on both accounts, Daley's efforts certainly paid off.