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Adorable Baby Octopus Really Doesn't Want To Give Back This Camera

Cutest little thief ever 🐙

Eric Desmet was diving in the Cannes area along the French Riviera when he suddenly spotted a cute little octopus, and decided to try and get a closer look. He put a camera in front of the octopus and then went up for air — and when he glanced back down, he noticed that the octopus had become very interested in the shiny new camera. 

“I saw that he was moving to the camera and then I decided to go down again and see,” Desmet told The Dodo.

Desmet watched with amusement as the octopus suddenly decided the camera was his now, and started to swim away with it! 

Determined to get the camera somewhere safe, the mischievous octopus dragged it along the ocean floor as Desmet followed him, thoroughly entertained but also not wanting to lose one of his cameras. 

After a while, Desmet tried to take the camera back — but the octopus decided he definitely wasn’t giving it up without a fight, and the pair were suddenly engaged in a very gentle game of tug-of-war.  

Desmet was careful not to hurt the octopus as he attempted to get his camera back, and he finally succeeded — and the octopus was definitely not thrilled about losing his newfound treasure. 

“I have seen he was not happy when he left the camera for me,” Desmet said. “He moved not far away, slowly getting an eye on me.” 

Desmet will never forget his experience playing tug-of-war with an octopus, and there’s no doubt the octopus will be on the lookout for more cameras to steal from now on. 

You can watch the full video of this encounter below: 

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