Nobody Can Figure Out How This Deer Fits Behind This Tree

The struggle is very real 🤯

White-tailed deer are frequent visitors to Jenny McMillan’s backyard in Huntington, Indiana. They’re especially easy to spot in the winter when they gather there to dig through the snow looking for food.

Recently, McMillan was gazing through the window of her family room, when she spotted an animal that made her do a double take.

Deer disappears behind tree
Facebook/Jenny McMillan

A deer seemed to be disappearing behind a tree. Only the head of the large deer was visible, and somehow the rest of her body remained hidden behind the narrow tree trunk. McMillan grabbed her phone and snapped an equally perplexing picture.

For any doubters, McMillan insists that there is no photo alteration involved: “I have no idea how to make a body go missing in a photo,” McMillan told The Dodo. “I'm an old lady. It was just taken at the right moment.”

Facebook/Jenny McMillan

McMillan posted the photo on Facebook, hoping that it would delight and confuse people. What she didn’t anticipate was just how many people would add their own takes on how the deer managed to disappear.

Some guessed that the deer was standing on her front legs …

Deer stands on front legs
Facebook/Nathan Andrews

While others guessed that the deer's body was just really short.

Short deer
Facebook/Stephanie Nicole Ferguson

Ultimately, everyone was left scratching their heads, unable to figure out how a trick of the light or perspective could result in something so strange. But, if anyone sees a deer walking on her front legs, the mystery will finally be solved.