No One Can Spot The Little Frog Hiding Among These Rocks

Can you find him? 👀

Glenda Adams Phillips has some very noisy neighbors in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana. All night long, the croaks and chirps of toads, bullfrogs and tree frogs fill the air.

So when Phillips walked out of her house last week, she shouldn’t have been surprised to be confronted by one of her amphibian neighbors.

Spot the frog
Glenda Adams Phillips

“The little frog jumped in front of me on the concrete part of my carport and scared me,” Phillips told The Dodo. “Then he jumped to the rocks.”

Phillips grabbed her phone and snapped a photo of the green frog. “I had never seen one like this before and it was very tiny,” Phillips said. “We’ve had an extreme amount of rain this year, so everything has been staying pretty wet.”

Glenda Adams Phillips

When she looked back at her photo, the frog had completely disappeared among the rocks and leaves. “I couldn’t even find it in my own picture,” Phillips said.

By accident, she had captured a baffling hidden animal challenge, and she posted it to Facebook to see if anyone else could spot the camouflaged frog.

Glenda Adams Phillips

Having trouble finding him? Here's a hint:

Glenda Adams Phillips

This certainly won't be the last time Phillips is surprised by a frog hiding in plain sight. But she's glad someone is enjoying the wet weather.