No One Can Guess This Animal Who Looks Like Two Cobras

She looks like two snakes when she's scared 🐍

Look closely at a tree in China, India, Malaysia or Indonesia, and you may see an insect who is so good at pretending to be something she’s not that she deserves an Oscar.

And the best actor award goes to the Atlas moth, otherwise known as Attacus atlas. By simply spreading her wings, this insect can transform from a delicate moth into a deadly cobra.

Moth looks like a snake Sazonov

And she definitely acts the part: “The moth's Cantonese name translates as snake's head moth, because the tips of its wings look similar to the head of a deadly cobra,” writes the London Museum of Natural History. “When threatened, the moth will drop to the floor and writhe around, slowly flapping its wings to imitate snake head and neck movements and scare away predators.”

In profile, the Atlas moth’s unique wings look like the heads of two cobras, a camouflage that helps scare away birds and other predators looking for an easy snack.

The Atlas moth is also one of the largest in the world. A female moth's wingspan can reach up to 10 inches — larger than a human hand.

Her large size is perhaps one of the reasons why she shares her name with Atlas, the titan god of Greek mythology condemned to hold up the sky for eternity.

Atlas moth pretends to be a cobra

Sadly, despite the Atlas moth's excellent camouflage, she only lives for about an average of two weeks. After leaving her very hungry caterpillar stage, her mouth is sealed. Unable to feed, her only mission is to reproduce and protect her eggs.

But though this flying giant is only around for a short time, she certainly leaves an impression on everyone she meets.