No One Can Find The Dog Hiding In This Bedroom

"He is super sneaky."

Not all dogs come when called, and a 5-year-old beagle named Rhodey has always liked to do his own thing.

Rhodey’s mom Bethanne doesn’t usually mind her dog’s independent spirit — which he’s had since he was a puppy.

Rhodey the disappearing dog

“When we first got Rhodey, we had a dog trainer say he was one of the most stubborn beagles you could have,” Bethanne, who asked that her last name not be included, told The Dodo. “So often you will call him and he will only come to you if it pleases him — likely food will need to be involved.”

“Most of the time he ignores you,” she added.

Rhodey and his sister

Recently, Bethanne and her husband were getting ready for bed when Rhodey disappeared. “Usually, he sleeps downstairs in the living room," Bethanne said. "But he wasn’t with us there so we started looking for him.”

They checked the whole house and couldn’t find him anywhere. He wasn't even in his favorite hiding place. “Sometimes he likes to sneak to the downstairs bathroom/laundry room area where we keep his and his sister’s dog food and try to find pieces that fell on the ground,” Bethanne said. “He is super sneaky, and you won’t even hear him go down the steps if he doesn’t want you to hear him.”

Finally, she gave up and went to the bedroom — where she finally spotted Rhodey.

Can you spot the dog in the bedroom

Can you find him?

Spot the dog

Bethanne couldn't believe they had spent so long looking for Rhodey, when he was in the bedroom the entire time.

“It was only when I stopped and stared that I saw the snoot,” Bethanne said. “When I found him I just laughed. He’s such a funny dog and pulls strange acts sometimes, but that’s part of his charm.”